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User comments

These are some of the testimonials from users who have used this tool to Spy WhatsApp. If you want to send us your testimony, please use the contact form.

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Ashley Tucker

I thought my husband was being unfaithful, so I decided to spy on his WhatsApp number. What I found was very revealing.

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Peter Hart

I had a suspicion that my wife was cheating on me with someone else. That's why I spied on her WhatsApp to read all her private conversations.

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Harold Ellis

My partner was hiding something from me and the best way to find out was to spy on her WhatsApp with this tool.

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Donna Harris

I wanted to know if my partner was lying to me and to check it, I spied on his WhatsApp to access all his chats, videos, photos etc.



How to spy a WhatsApp number for free

Spy WhatsApp for free and online is possible using this tool. All you need to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp is their phone number. Enter the phone number, select the country code and click on “Spy WhatsApp”. The tool will run the necessary scripts to get all the data associated with that WhatsApp number: chats, photos, videos, audios, contacts and documents.

It is important to note that this tool is not an application that you have to download to your Android or iOS phone in order to spy on WhatsApp. It is an online tool, which means that you can use it on any device and operating system: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

One of the most important aspects of spying on a WhatsApp number is that the other person does not notice it. This is achieved by using a tool that is 100% anonymous, so that the other person cannot discover that their WhatsApp has been spied on. In this case, our tool has the highest possible security, not to be detected, as we work with encrypted connections and secure web SSL certificate.

Another key aspect if you want to spy on a WhatsApp number is to be able to do it remotely, that is, without the need to have the other person’s cell phone at hand. This is achieved with an online tool that can hack WhatsApp through the WhatsApp Web platform.

In this case, our tool uses a known vulnerability that is related to the temporary QR code provided by WhatsApp to authenticate the phone on its web platform. WhatsApp generates temporary QR codes at random. However, by reverse engineering, you can obtain the pattern of QR code generation and be able to generate your own code manually, in order to access the WhatsApp number you want.

WhatsApp engineers are working hard to fix this vulnerability in their application as soon as possible, because it is a big threat to them, so we recommend that if you want to spy on a WhatsApp number you do it now. We don’t know how much longer this vulnerability will allow us to hack into a WhatsApp online.

The main use that people make of this WhatsApp spy tool is to spy on their partner’s WhatsApp conversations. Whether you think your partner is being unfaithful, or cheating on you with someone else, or hiding something from you, or you simply suspect that he or she is lying to you, the best way to know the truth is to be able to see the conversations he or she is having with other people.

And there is no more popular application for instant messaging today than WhatsApp, so chances are that if you are communicating with someone else, you will do so through WhatsApp. And that’s because WhatsApp is not the most secure application, it is Telegram, but the massive use of the WhatsApp application has made it the app of choice for infidelity.

Other secondary uses that people give to this tool to spy on WhatsApp are those of spying on their boyfriend or girlfriend, their friend, their children, their boss etc. After all, all you need to hack into a WhatsApp is the phone number of the person you want to spy on.

The way this WhatsApp spy tool works is very simple. Enter the WhatsApp phone number you want to spy on, select the prefix and click “Spy WhatsApp”. From here the tool will automatically do the whole process. The WhatsApp spying process will take place in seven steps.

First, it will connect to WhatsApp Web ( Second, it will associate the phone number with WhatsApp Web. Third, it will look for vulnerabilities in the WhatsApp Web application. Fourth, it will find a vulnerability in the temporary QR code (currently unpatched). Fifth, it will authenticate the phone number with WhatsApp Web. Sixth, it will download all conversations (chats, photos, audios, videos and documents) and all contacts. Seventh, the WhatsApp number will have been spied on.

In the last step, you will see a summary of the information that has been extracted from the WhatsApp number. To download the data, just click on the “DOWNLOAD DATA” button and you will be taken to the file download server, where the compressed (.zip) file with all the data of the download number has been uploaded. Register for free on the server, validate your account and download the file. Once the file is downloaded, double click and unzip the file, to see all its contents.

It is important to mention that to validate your account in the download server, it is necessary that you have a credit or debit card, so that we can verify that you are a real person and not a robot. There will be a minimum refundable charge for such verification so that you can spy on a WhatsApp for free.

You may be wondering if hacking into a WhatsApp is the same as spying on a WhatsApp. And yes, we can confirm that it is. In order to spy on a WhatsApp you need to hack into a WhatsApp. Hacking is the previous step to spying.

In addition to this, you may have seen other alternative tools or applications to be able to spy on a WhatsApp number such as: Spyzie, MSpy, HoverWatch, WhatsApp Spy, Master Spy, WhatsDog etc. We recommend our tool because we know that it works and is up to date, so that the success rate when spying on a number of WhatsApps is as high as possible.

Finally we remind you that by spying on someone else’s WhatsApp you may be violating the privacy of the other person, so we only recommend you to go through this process of hacking into a WhatsApp number if you really suspect the situation you want to investigate.

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  1. Connecting to WhatsApp Web:
  2. Linking the phone number
  3. Searching for vulnerabilities in the web application
  4. Vulnerability found in the temporary QR code
  5. Authenticating the phone number with WhatsApp Web
  6. Obtaining chats, photos, audios, videos, contacts and documents
  7. WhatsApp spied, accessing to WhatsApp Web...

To use WhatsApp on your computer:

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone

2. Tap Menu or Settings and select WhatsApp Web

3. Point your phone to this screen to capture the code


Espiar WhatsApp WhatsApp Spied

Chats: 35
Photos: 153
Audios: 15
Videos: 25
Contacts: 94
Documents: 7

Important: The data of the spied WhatsApp number ( has been uploaded to a private download server. To download the file with the data, you need to create a free account on the server and validate it with your credit or debit card. This way we can check that you are a real person and not a robot. A minimum refundable charge will be made for such verification.